Website Design

by Jason Sanders on April 19, 2011

WordpressSo you know that your business needs to have a presence on the web, but you’re not sure the best place to start. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know anything about making a website. Most people don’t. Here at TVPG Labs, we probably have just what you’re looking for. No matter how simple or complex, we can build a site that represents your business well and impresses your potential clients.

Website DesignOur goal at TVPG Labs is to get your business functional on the web at the most affordable price point.  Let me give you a little information about our introductory package. The best part is the price.  For only $290.00* you can have your own website on your own domain which includes 1 blog and 3 static pages.  This website will have all the tools built in so that you can optimize your content for search engines and be found by people who are looking for the products and services that your business provides.  This is a small fraction of what you would normally pay for a website.  How can we provide this service at such an amazing value?  We use the following requirements to keep the process very simple:

  1. You’re able to get this incredible price for website design, in part because of affiliate relationships that TVPG Labs have with internet hosts.  The above price is good only if you use our affiliate hosting companies for your web hosting. (Web hosting is the service of storing your site and allowing the public to access it.)  The Hosting Companies we’re affiliated with will pay us a small premium for directing business their way.  If you already have hosting established through your own chosen provider, no biggie, just add $50.00 to the above price.  And if you’re wondering how much hosting costs, it will cost you about $75.00 per year if you pay one year at a time and much less if you pay a few years in advance. This cost is not reflected in our super low website design fee listed above.
  2. We keep the design simple.  We can incorporate certain visual elements, such as your business logo, your photos, and a color scheme into your custom design, but we have to limit things to keep the price low.  We will consult with you to pick a color scheme (background colors etc.) and to incorporate your logo into a custom header for your website.
  3. The only way this works for us financially is to have everything organized and knock the project out in a very short period of time.  Things dragging on is our financial enemy.  So we have to insist that you have all of your content prepared prior to us starting your project.  All of your static pages should be delivered via a Word Document or Pages Document for Mac users.  Any pictures that you want included in your site should be delivered at the same time as your written content.  We’ll also consult and agree to how you want the site to look prior to getting started.  This will make the whole process go very quickly once it is started.

Add On’s

You can add the following features to make your website even more awesome:

  • Additional Static Pages - $50.00 each.  Remember you will provide all the written content and pictures or visual elements.
  • Importing Blog - $75.00.  If you have a blog on an existing platform and want to import it over to your new website with your new domain name, No Problem!
  • Technology Training/Coaching – $50.00 per hour.  Depending on your location, we can do this in person or online.  For me all of this tech stuff is second nature.  And to be honest, it’s not incredibly hard.  But to get you started quick, you may want to enlist the help of a professional.  I can help you understand the in’s and out’s of running your blog and what is going to get you the best results with Search Engine Optimization as well as some ideas to streamline your workflow so that more of your time is spent on operating your business as opposed to operating your blog.
  • Your Personal Blogger - $50.00 per post.  Let’s say you understand how vitally important blogging is to your business and you want to maintain a presence online, but you just can’t seem to make the time to put in the work.  I can help out.  We will sit down and develop a formula for blog posts for your business.  You will collect the information, usually consisting of some basic details plus pictures, and I will compose the blog post for you.  It’s as easy as pie!

*Price does not include the cost of registering your domain name and the cost of hosting your website.  Please Contact Us and we’ll assist you by connecting you with our partners so that you get the best price.