by Jason Sanders on April 19, 2011

No matter how eloquent of a writer you are, nothing engages the modern audience like video.  It used to be that a business had to dedicate tens of thousands of dollars to cover video production before even getting to the cost of airing their message on television.  TVPG Labs is thrilled to offer affordable video packages that allow almost any business the opportunity to visually present their message.

No longer do you have to sacrifice quality for affordability.  TVPG Labs shoots all their video in HD.  With quality good enough for broadcast television, we can shoot your commercial for broadcast (as long as you don’t mind the hefty advertising expenses that go along with advertising on TV), or we can work with you to create dynamic content for the web.

If you have a specific idea in mind and think that we would be the right team for the job, please Contact Us because we love a challenge!  We can negotiate a daily rate for your custom project around the amount of shooters you’ll need and the specific equipment required.  But to give you an idea of the services we offer and our pricing, here are the packages that we offer:

For Businesses:

  • Basic Commercial – As low as $250.00 (Click for More Information)
  • I’m The Expert Video Series – As low as $1,200.00 (Click for More Information)
  • Our Customers Are Our Celebrities – As low as $399.00 (Click for More Information)

For Artists, Musicians, Dancers, and Performers of All Types:

  • Savor The Moment – As low as $250.00 (Click for More Information)
  • Wow The Crowd – As low as $399.00 (Click for More Information)

For Attorneys:

  • Deposition Recording – As low as $150.oo (Click for More Information)

Shorts and Features:

  • Please Contact Us to establish a daily rate based on the specifics of your project and the equipment we’ll need to execute your vision.