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Tech Training

by Jason Sanders on April 19, 2011

If you poke around the web enough, you’ll find plenty of people who advertise themselves as a Ninja or some other “creative name” to make what they do sound much cooler than what it really is.  That’s not what you’ll find here.  Honestly blogging isn’t that hard.  You shouldn’t be intimidated.  Sure you might need a little direction getting started, but the truth is: if you recognize blogging for your business as the opportunity that it is, and you’re dedicated to incorporating it into your business plan, you’ll do well no matter how much you know right now.

If you know all you need is a little direction to get you started, you’ll probably benefit from out Tech Training Coaching Program.  It consists of 6 one hour sessions where we work together to establish a blogging plan for you, streamline your workflow and give you all the knowledge you need to accomplish all the basic functions within your blog, like incorporating pictures and video into your posts, linking to your own material and other people’s material, optimizing your content for search engines and every other detail you need to execute your blogging plan.  Yes I will give you assignments from week to week to make sure that you are able to apply everything I am going to teach you.  Even though our one on one coaching sessions only last an hour, if you do have follow up questions or run into snags, I will be available via email.

By now you’re probably on the edge of your seat with anticipation, wondering how much this incredibly helpful program is going to cost you.  Sit back and relax.  It’s just $300.00.  That averages out to $50.00 per week.  A small investment to get you on the way to promoting your business.

I only accept 6 clients for this service at any given time.  So if you want to check availability or get on the list, please Contact Us.