by Jason Sanders on November 17, 2009

FinancialStatementsDisclosuresCh-1Businesses featured on TVPG Labs are paying clients.  TVPG Labs’ purpose is to develop and market services to boost businesses’ internet presence through creating media to promote a message, web design, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or other means.  The amount of money made by TVPG Labs varies and depends on the services that are provided.

TVPG Labs makes an effort to only work with trustworthy and respected businesses.  Having said that, we cannot guarantee the performance of a business that we work with and feature.  Potential customers are encouraged to do their due diligence just as they would with any other transaction.  Always verify a company’s licenses, certifications, and insurance where appropriate.  Asking for references is also a great way to verify a company’s performance.

If  you’re interested in TVPG Labs’ proven ability to get more exposure for your business, please contact us.

I reserve the right to review products on this site.  The products that I will review will be those that I use on a regular basis and those that will be of interest to the film making community.  Many products that I will review I will purchase with my own money, but some will be contributed by the manufacturer in exchange for the review.  Where possible I will use affiliate links to try and cover the cost of hosting this website.  I will openly note in each review how I attained the item being reviewed.  Who knows, maybe someday people might start paying me to review camera equipment!  But no matter how I get the equipment that I’m reviewing, I will always be completely subjective and point out both the product’s strengths and weaknesses.  You can count on TVPG Labs for an impartial review that will hopefully make your purchasing decisions easier ones.

I reserve the right to try out advertising on this site. Should you find an ad on this site, that means that I endorse that product and believe it has value to the community (or Google Adsense thinks it’s important).

Jason Sanders