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by Jason Sanders on September 17, 2011

in Google Optimization,SEO,Website/Blog Design

I first met Stephanie Crane when I walked into the Poochie Palace in Merchantville NJ to talk to her about creating a video to highlight the services and experience that she delivers to her clients and their pets.  It turned out that she was actually looking to create a website for her business first.  Good thing that’s one of the services we do here at TVPG Labs!

I suggested designing a custom blog for her where she could take pictures using her smart phone and update the blog quickly and simply.  This idea really resonated with her because she’s a bit of a shutter bug like me.  And she’s really busy throughout the day.  In order for her to be able to maintain the website herself, she would need it to be quick and easy.

When I explained the SEO benefits of having a blog, instead of a static website, she was sold.  We put together a plan that would allow her to use her smart phone to upload pictures and create posts on her blog quickly and easily.  Over time she’ll be able to execute a SEO strategy that will focus on specific breeds of dogs and the towns and areas in South Jersey and around Philadelphia that they live in.  I know how to get great google optimization and I’m confident that she will get excellent results from this strategy over time.  It’s great to have a solid plan and know that all you have to do is execute it.

Stephanie opted for several Add-On’s including Tech Training.  The end result is a an online presence for the the Poochie Palace that she is very proud of!  Now Stephanie wants to do a video to promote her business.  I’m excited to work with her again and can’t wait to book the shoot!  Check out and let me know what you think!


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