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Editing In Final Cut Pro

by Jason Sanders on August 31, 2011

in Videography Tools

Making an outstanding video production requires skill in several different areas.  You have to know your way around your gear to shoot something beautifully and know how to hold the eye and capture attention.  You also have to know how to properly record audio, because the most beautiful and well thought out images immediately fall on their face when there’s crappy audio.  And perhaps most importantly you have to know how to creatively edit the footage to tell the best story.

Before deciding to do this professionally, I was using a semi pro software on my pc, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.  It’s not super expensive and did an ok job.  But when I decided to do video for a living, I knew I needed a professional tool.  That’s why I made the switch to Mac and chose to edit in Final Cut Pro.  All editing software shares certain similarities, but Final Cut Pro is a serious editing software that’s been used in Hollywood for years to edit blockbuster full length features.

I was feeling a little intimidated, so I turned to the folks at Future Media Concepts.  They have locations all over the country and luckily have one close to me in Philadelphia.  I could have opted for a college class, but to have the learning process drawn out over a semester just didn’t sit well with me.  Future Media Concepts takes a boot camp like approach to the subjects that they cover, offering intense courses that cram an complete course into just a few days of training.  This was perfect for me.  I need knowledge now!

I enjoyed this class so much.  I learned a ton and left feeling very confident about my abilities to execute my vision using the software.  I’m so excited about bringing this professional skill set to all my upcoming clients in the South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Deleware Valley areas.

If you need a cram course in a creative software suite, whether it’s from Apple, Adobe, or some other company, or perhaps some other skill set, check out Future Media Concepts.  I hope you’ll be as happy with them as I was.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Future Media Concepts in any way.  They have not paid me for or solicited these comments.  I’m just happy with their program.

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