Gary Nelson and The ContakBand plays the legendary Warmdaddy's in Philadelphia on Feb. 11, 2011

Gary Nelson and The ContakBand

by Jason Sanders on July 28, 2011

in Video Marketing

Several months back, I just happened to be talking to my friend and neighbor, Timmy Ingram, from the 80′s funkhouse Ingram.  Can you believe he lives right here in South Jersey?  He asked what I’ve been up to lately and we started talking about the work I’m doing with TVPG Labs and some of the promotional videography and web design services I’m offering.

Timmy has always been really supportive and he suggested that there might be some work for me with a new group he’s been playing with, Gary Nelson and The ContakBand.  Sure enough, Timmy put a call in to Gary and before I knew it I was riding along to shoot a gig that they were playing at the legendary Warmdaddy’s in Philadelphia.

Once I knew I was going to be working with these guys, my mind was flooded with ideas, but Gary knew exactly what he wanted.  He needed a promotional video demo reel to send to club promoters to get gigs.  Although I was going to record the whole set, he didn’t want the whole set posted online, prefering to pick highlights from the songs to make up a teaser.  That’s something that never even entered my mind, but it turned out great and Gary was very happy with the results.  This is the Instrumental Highlight Reel:

Because it was going to be a demo reel, it made the most sense to have a static shot (not move the camera).  This allowed for seamless transitions in between the different sections of songs.  At TVPG Labs we pride ourselves in recording at the highest quality.  If you play the clips back using full screen at 1080 HD, you can appreciate the quality of our equipment, not to mention the audio quality!  We also put together a Highlight Reel that included vocals:

Now Gary wants me to help him out with a proper music video.  I can’t wait to get started!

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