Google Optimization 3

Google Optimization Project – Part 3 – The Map

by Jason Sanders on November 19, 2009

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If you’ve been effective in creating content that generates interest in your business from potential customers, you’re well on your way to executing a successful internet marketing strategy. Now you need to make sure that your potential customer has all the crucial information about you and what you offer.

Through Google Maps API, TVPG Labs can now create a custom map to feature your business. You wouldn’t want your potential customers to get lost on their way to come see you! There are an incredible amount of options when making a custom google map for your business. If you have multiple locations, or if you’re a part of a referral group, like The Value Pages Group or BNI, all locations can be represented in a single map. To make a striking impression with potential clients, you can include pictures, videos, and website links in the business description, in addition to your address, phone number and hours. You could place your satisfied customers on the map along with their testimonial (video or written) in the description.  You’re really only limited by your own creativity.  Whether you make a custom map, or simply optimize the map that automatically appears in a google search of the products or services you provide, you want to give potential customers plenty of visually stimulating information about yourself so you stand out from the crowd.  At TVPG Labs, we can help you with that process.

Check out the custom map we did for The Clip Joint – To the right, above the sidebar (If you can’t see the map, please click on the title of this blog post).  Make sure you click on the comb and scissors icon to open the business description!  If you like what you see and would like to adopt this strategy to your internet marketing plan, contact us to discuss details.


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